YLA box september

Lieve allemaal,

Een hele tijd geleden werd ik door Lotte van de YLA box benaderd om een patroon te ontwerpen voor september. Ik koos voor de Dipinto van Lang Yarns. Vorig jaar had ik al een sjaal gemaakt met de Dipinto en vond deze kleuren zo fijn dat ik op zoek ging naar een mooi kleurtje. Jan, de vertegenwoordiger van Lang Yarns vertelde mij dat er nieuwe kleuren uitkwamen; dat maakte het kiezen meteen nog gemakkelijker.

Ik had al vrij snel een idee bij de kleuren van de sjaal. Ik liet me inspireren door de Wijde Mantel schelp .

Ik wilde de sjaal iets meer body geven en besloot daarom het patroon te herhalen voor de rand, zodat de sjaal breder zou worden. Joyce, van MEZ11 maakte er een prachtig leren label bij. Ik ben super blij met het eindresultaat van de sjaal en vond het een echte eer om een mooie sjaal voor YLA te ontwerpen.


Bekijk het filmpje om het eindresultaat van de YLAbox te bewonderen.

Wil je weten wat er voor moois in de YLA box zat bekijk dan het filmpje hieronder.

Veel plezier met jouw box!

Wooladdicts Review

Download the Wooladdicts Leaflet: Wooladdicts Review

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Wooladdicts delivers the best raw materials to create your own style. The brand acknowledge the fact that crafting is sometimes hardcore and depends on a lot of commitment. To create an unique piece of clothing or accessory you have to put in your heart and soul. Crafting is only for crafters who want to commit.

We do not share the notion that doing handicrafts will automatically bring wellness and relaxation. Buf it it does for you – congrats – Wooladdicts

A trendy and modern line within the Lang Yarns range, produced with the quality we are used to. No old-fashioned patterns, but sturdy and trendy basic models that are suitable for everyone, for every moment. Whether you are pro in knitting or just a beginner. The brand has taken this into account with designing different patterns for different levels. The yarn is perfect for all kind of handicrafts.


Three worlds

The line is based on three worlds: Sea Spray, Cute but… and Shine Out. Five elements within these three worlds: fire, air, love, water and earth. Due to, the strong pictures, catchy quotes and soft but also tough and modern look of the yarn, it is almost easy to find a new project in this wide range.

Five elements

Each color is released in five different compositions. In addition, between the various elements within the single line there is color difference. For example, in the collection of Sea Spray the color of earth is petrol whereas, the element of water is mint.

The first element fire, is the biggest thread. The yarn is made of extra soft Merino which is also mulesing free as of every Merino that Lang Yarns produces. If you want to go for an extra big-knit look, fire is really something for you. Nice coarsely knitted sweaters, warm hats are just some examples of possibilities.

Air is also made of Merino, the fibres are airspun around a core of nylon. It feels cloudy and the color mint resembles almost the tropical sea. This element does not only comes in the color mint but in 10 more colors.

Love is a chained thread and the third in line which is made of Merino. It is the leanest of all elements and perfect for making hats, light-weighted scarfs or sweaters. If you think the thread is to lean for your taste, try to knit with two strands at once.

Water is made of 100% crimped Alpaca and is by far the most soft thread of all the other elements. It is voluminous with its look but without being too fuzzy. It is often thought that it is quite hard to crochet with Alpaca because of its texture. However, this type of thread is wonderful and suitable for all crochet addicts.

Earth is the last element of this collection. A blended thread made of alpaca and merino fibers with an extraordinarily soft touch. It is a match made in heaven and suitable for all seasons.

Sea Spray


The first world, is the world that lets you get lost on the beach, wandering away, looking for sea shells and the feeling of crackling sand between your toes. An ocean that takes away your worries and makes you whole again. Your mindset on infinite. Sea Spray colors are based on the ocean; mint, petrol, jade, blue-ish with a grey-wash tones are all over. To combine with perfect sandy colors.

A coarse scarf in which you can disappear, a sweater that stops the cold, knitted cables that remind you of the waves. Many knitwear that keeps your warm on a cold winter day. Wooladdicts stands for big-knits but with beautiful details. Yes, it has to be chunky but in such ways that it suits and looks good on you. Besides that, knitting a large poncho does not mean that it has to be very heavy in weight. By using alpaca for instance, it becomes feather light.

Cute but.. Girls don’t dress for boys. Get over it.


The second world is designed for all the women who want to be independent. Cute but with an edge. The main theme of this world is dressing without stressing. No worrying about what the world will might think of you. Wear something you feel good about, because only then you can wear it with pride.

Basic clothing designs but with statements. Think of asymmetrical sweaters, color blocking but in soft shades of grey, frivolous sleeves, oversized cardigans which you never want to leave. Due to, the softness and light texture of the fibers it feels like a second skin. In world II, you will enter an urban scene. Powder pink, anthracite, light grey or hard pink, these colors will guarantee you your statement this winter. Lovely warm home-socks, wrist warmers, scarves, over-sized sweaters and cardigans. Nice to combine with jeans or just to wear indoors feeling comfy.

Shine out


Ocher a color that must not be forgotten in the new trend line of Wooladdicts. Ocher will give you confidence just when you need it. Wear it with pride; it is a color that gives you strength. A warm almost golden glow that will set you on fire. It carries you and makes you resilient.

Our yellow is highly sophisticated and neither too warm nor too loud. It suits practically everyone and guarantees comfort – plus it really looks good – Wooladdicts

A nice sweater using the garter stitch or a hat using the stocking stitch. Go for a bold look or an ocher sweater with turtleneck. Combine endlessly with basic shades. Get out of your comfort zone and explore. Be unique and embrace what makes you unique.

Plan some me-time every day, design something unique and wear it with pride!

Wooladdicts… I see you soon!

July 2018 (1)


De Parelsjaal gemaakt van 1 bol Ayumi van Lang Yarns. De bollen hebben een prachtig kleurverloop of je nu voor mosterd geel, jeansblauw, warm oranje of FUNKY groen gaat. Er zit altijd wel een kleur bij waar je hart van smelt. Ik koos zelf voor de azuur blauwe kleur. Totaal zijn er 8 kleuren beschikbaar.

ayumi kleurstaal

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